Principles and Practices

The Mudwater Archaeology Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of all our underwater cultural resources. We recognize the frailty and historic value of said cultural resources and subscribe to the belief that these resources belong to the public and not the individual, organization, or private company.


The Mudwater Archaeology Society respects and abides by all federal and state laws applying to the protection of our underwater historic heritage. We recognize that human remains and other sensitive cultural material must be treated with respect and in accordance with the prevailing law.

The Mudwater Archaeology Society will not participate in intrusive archaeological work unless satisfied that such intrusion is justified by sound archaeological imperatives and the persons undertaking such work are qualified and competent with a well-developed plan of action.

The Mudwater Archaeology Society supports the research, documentation, and dissemination of data to the public resulting from the responsible surveying of archaeological sites of interest, including:

  • Public distribution of results of research with permanent repositories for public viewing and future education 
  • Efforts to publish research data through appropriate publications and other media should be attempted to further the historic knowledge base
  • Recognizing valid requests for scientific information should not be refused while upholding the copyright intellectual property rights of researchers

The Mudwater Archaeology Society will not associate itself with nor derive a profit from sales of cultural heritage material for private benefit. This clause is not intended to apply to the disposal of such material to a bona fide cultural institution for conservation, research or public display or to the payment by such an institution for the compensation of expenses for the furtherance of activity that supports and promotes the understanding or management of cultural heritage.

The Mudwater Archaeology Society supports public education of the maritime history of local regions and the vital importance of the United States’ Inland Waterways.

The Mudwater Archaeology Society appreciates that efforts should be made to encourage the overall public to take an interest in nautical archaeology, to develop their experience and skills, and to support activities that inform and educate about the aims and achievements of the Society.